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Well tonight went very well :D!

If you weren't able to be there to see what went on just click the cut :D!

You have just entered room "fmaliens."
Trom Kehra: mew
lanceluver012: nya
HikaruAzudragon has entered the room.
Trom Kehra: hello :D
Trom Kehra: How're you?
lanceluver012: hey!
lanceluver012: ... yeah I opened it sooner than I said I would... XP
lanceluver012: nya?
lanceluver012: ...
lanceluver012 has left the room.
lanceluver012 has entered the room.
lanceluver012: nya?
HikaruAzudragon: gah sorry XD
lanceluver012: okay, this thing don't like the background colors on chats, aparantly
HikaruAzudragon: *was asleep* there was no one doing anything, and I was early so I just left the room open.
HikaruAzudragon: @_@ the light blue is like...
lanceluver012: I know
lanceluver012: 0.0.... this is coooool
HikaruAzudragon: O_O
HikaruAzudragon: oh flowers and roses XD
lanceluver012: reminds me of the stalemate pose from Cowboy Bebop
lanceluver012: Nekkid!
Trom Kehra: Oh :P
Trom Kehra: *Fixing the comm*
HikaruAzudragon: *snoozes* I'll come back at the right time lol. I have Psych HW
Trom Kehra: Ah ok
Trom Kehra: see you then
lanceluver012: seeya
Trom Kehra: *Does a little dance* I fixed it I fixed it! *dances.*
Trom Kehra: ok anyway
Trom Kehra: Greed: *Sings* The world is NOOOOOT Enoooooooooough!
Trom Kehra: *Greed gets a wrench thrown at him.* @.@;;
Trom Kehra: <.<
Trom Kehra: >.>
Trom Kehra: Wow... I hope this isn't the only people we're going to get.
Edo Not Ebi has entered the room.
Trom Kehra: Hello :D
Edo Not Ebi: Hey
Edo Not Ebi: Im afk for a bit
Trom Kehra: kk
Trom Kehra: We still have thirty minutes.
Trom Kehra: Before it begins.
Trom Kehra: So take your time :D
Edo Not Ebi has left the room.
lanceluver012: I'm back!
lanceluver012: ... it took a little longer due to the fact that I had to talk to my dad about my educator's liability insurance
Trom Kehra: Ah
Trom Kehra: That's ok
Trom Kehra: It's not really 9:30 yet.
Trom Kehra: have about 20 mins
lanceluver012: I've got 5 till 0.o
Trom Kehra: Hmmm...
Trom Kehra: interesting
HikaruAzudragon: ...your clocks a little off XD
Trom Kehra: :P
HikaruAzudragon: *also has 5 till*
Trom Kehra: o.o;
Trom Kehra: wow
Trom Kehra: Mew....
Edo Not Ebi has entered the room.
Trom Kehra: Ok I'm sure Chexx will get on later.
Trom Kehra: I'm gonna start :D
Edo Not Ebi: *<3s the Ed font*
Edo Not Ebi: Sorry XD
Trom Kehra: Heh
Trom Kehra: Ok just going over a couple things about what's going to be done around here.
Trom Kehra: One, is how the mod system works.
Trom Kehra: Lance and I are the main mods.
Trom Kehra: Though I do plan for the rp to grow a little in people later.
Trom Kehra: Thuse we'll need more mods.
Trom Kehra: like four to control four or five people playing characters.
lanceluver012: Hallo!
HikaruAzudragon: *snoresville* no I'm kidding lol go on.
Trom Kehra: :P
Trom Kehra: Still anyway
Trom Kehra: I will need someone either we can do it now or later doesn't matter to me.
Trom Kehra: But I want to find four people willing to be those four lower mods.
Trom Kehra: one person to watch over the sins
lanceluver012: hmm...
Trom Kehra: One person to watch over the military people.
HikaruAzudragon: *scratches neck* neh I don't like be called a lower mod. *shrugs* I could watch the sins, idk yet... I mod too many things - -;
lanceluver012: Secondary?
Trom Kehra: One person to watch over Ed and his fellow friends/aquanteses. (Winry those people.)
Trom Kehra: Yea secondary mods basically.
lanceluver012: The specifics on that can be worked out when the time comes
Trom Kehra: Last but not least somone to watch the anonimous soldiers.
Trom Kehra: yea
Trom Kehra: for now there is no need to really worry about it.
lanceluver012: Anonymous soldiers = Alien food
Edo Not Ebi: Ed can watch himself :D
Trom Kehra: Heh XD
Trom Kehra: what about his wittle brother?
Edo Not Ebi: ...and wash himself
Edo Not Ebi: and feed himself
HikaruAzudragon: O_o XD
Edo Not Ebi: and...*bricked*
lanceluver012: XDD
lanceluver012: wash himself?
Trom Kehra: nice
HikaruAzudragon: sure no prob for you, since there's not really much of you to watch
Trom Kehra: :P
Trom Kehra: Dude Edo has a cig!
Trom Kehra: wtf XD Bad Hovac being a bad influence!
Trom Kehra: Does and don'ts, well I'm sure everyone in here knows about those.
Trom Kehra: You can make a joke when it's appropriate.
Trom Kehra: don't be a god moder.
Trom Kehra: blah blah blah
Trom Kehra: just look back to the rules :P
Trom Kehra: RP system
Trom Kehra: Well basically I'll tell you what's going on, what time of day, what people are doing around you, various things like that.
Trom Kehra: Kind of like D&D except with out the massive rule book system XP.
lanceluver012: Math is scawwy ;.;
Trom Kehra: Aww I'm sorry.
Trom Kehra: We can list who we're going to be now
lanceluver012: .... can you guys tell who's Pinky and who's the Brain in this modly relationship? XP
HikaruAzudragon: ....neh?
lanceluver012: <--- Pinky
Edo Not Ebi: Who's uke and who's seme?
lanceluver012: <--- totally tops, whut XD
Edo Not Ebi: *bricked*
Trom Kehra: I'm seme!
lanceluver012: ... how tall are you?
Trom Kehra: *Totally does lance.... up her envy rear?*
Trom Kehra: 5'9
lanceluver012: ... damn, you win by height rule
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: owned!
lanceluver012: ;.;
Trom Kehra: anyway.
Trom Kehra: *hugs*
lanceluver012: ^^
Trom Kehra: You guys can have more than one rp character.
Trom Kehra: Though the limit I would say would be three.
Edo Not Ebi: *clings to Ed like a baby koala clings to its Mommy*
Trom Kehra: cause some people can only handle one or two, also most people only have enough room to have three icons XP
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: You can keep Edo I'm no giving him to anyone else I promise.
Edo Not Ebi: *squees*
Trom Kehra: I'm just saying that you can also play as other people as well.
HikaruAzudragon: ugh I'm not going to multi RP chars >< have to keep track with too many already.
Edo Not Ebi: *looks around*
Trom Kehra: though those other people could possibly be taken away because more people might come in later.
Trom Kehra: Ah I see
lanceluver012: That's fine!
Trom Kehra: Don't feel like you have to,
Edo Not Ebi: *sniffs the air*
Theorangeslime has entered the room.
Edo Not Ebi: Did someone poot?
Trom Kehra: Yay Chex :D
Theorangeslime: nyuu?
Trom Kehra: you missed everything :D!
Trom Kehra: *just kidding.*
lanceluver012: hallo, Chexx
Trom Kehra: I dunno :P
Theorangeslime: hally
Theorangeslime: o
Theorangeslime: what'd I miss?
Edo Not Ebi: HIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Theorangeslime: *waves*
Edo Not Ebi: 1....
Trom Kehra: The thing with the Chat sessions.
Theorangeslime: oh
Edo Not Ebi: Bad 1! No Ed sexks for you!
Theorangeslime: what happened?
Theorangeslime: ~_~
Trom Kehra: People need to plan to have them on a certain date.
Trom Kehra: .... XD
Theorangeslime: Ryo: NooOOOOoooOOOOO
Trom Kehra: Ed got laid.... again
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: But he's still a virgin!
lanceluver012: ... Trom topped me...
Trom Kehra: XD
Theorangeslime: ........
lanceluver012: ;.;
HikaruAzudragon: *stares*
Theorangeslime: how does that work?
Trom Kehra: anyway
Trom Kehra: very carefully
lanceluver012: she's taller... height rule
Trom Kehra: XD
Theorangeslime: whoa
Theorangeslime: lag
Trom Kehra: anyway!
Trom Kehra: They need to be planed between people.
Trom Kehra: if it's just going to be like two or three people.
Trom Kehra: Then come tell me so I know.
Theorangeslime: :/ I'm on.... lesse... every day
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: I know you are darling.
Theorangeslime: especially now, because class is almost over
Theorangeslime: probably after three anyway
Trom Kehra: still yea, let me know I'm almost always on this name, on aim.
Theorangeslime: yesh
Trom Kehra: Then after we're done with that, we post up on the comm what we did in the chat so other people know what's been going on
Theorangeslime: yesh
Theorangeslime: lovely
Theorangeslime: under a cut. o.o
Trom Kehra: We do have someone that live in Europe so that is extremely important.
Trom Kehra: yes of coure.
Theorangeslime: oh,yeah
Trom Kehra: course*
Trom Kehra: Also there is a girl that only has Yahoo.
Trom Kehra: so she needs to know what's going on too.
lanceluver012: Actually, here's what I think on the chat and LJ thing
Theorangeslime: yesh?
Trom Kehra: Oh?
HikaruAzudragon: neh?
Trom Kehra: *Pokes Lance* mew?
Theorangeslime: must be long
Theorangeslime: ^_^;
Trom Kehra: yea :PO
Trom Kehra: :P*
Trom Kehra: Man I keep on thinking about our other rp XD
HikaruAzudragon: post before tomorrow comes
Trom Kehra: XD
lanceluver012: XP
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: *hugs lance*
Trom Kehra: oy
Trom Kehra: anyway.
Trom Kehra: Mostly our rping will be done on the comm.
Trom Kehra: though if the rp does start to die I will call for an emergency online chat session so everyone can know where we all are at.
Edo Not Ebi: *nods*
Theorangeslime: cool
Edo Not Ebi: Yeah Im on AIM more than LJ >_>
Trom Kehra: I just don't want to rule out the use of online chatting but still I'd like to keep it on the comm.
Trom Kehra: :P
lanceluver012: sounds good!
Theorangeslime: yup!
HikaruAzudragon: bleh I'm on MSN all the time, I don't get on AIM till like...atleast 7pm eastern. *not a big fan of AIM*
Theorangeslime: I'm usually on all three
Theorangeslime: Trillian
Trom Kehra: Ah
Theorangeslime: Oh! Dude. I can relay messages to the Yahoo chick
Theorangeslime: ^_^
Theorangeslime: if it comes to that
Trom Kehra: yea as soon as my break starts. I'll get on as soon as I wake up XD
Trom Kehra: I have no life XD
Theorangeslime: me,either
Theorangeslime: and I'm in freaking college
Theorangeslime: XD
Trom Kehra: Me too :D~
lanceluver012: same here on all counts
HikaruAzudragon: << I'm the only High School student? geez
lanceluver012: Edo, Hikaru, how about you?
Trom Kehra: animethief92: Can you tell them thanks for being so flexible?
Edo Not Ebi: I'm on...whenever Im not at class
Trom Kehra: :D!
lanceluver012: no problem~~
Edo Not Ebi: But I wont be on most of December cause I'll be away
Theorangeslime: sad
HikaruAzudragon: like I said, on AIM around 7pm, on LJ eh...24/7? XD just may not be posting or anything
Trom Kehra: But yea more people that could talk to yahoo chick would be awsome!
Theorangeslime: yay
Trom Kehra: XD
Theorangeslime: I can do that
Trom Kehra: cool
Trom Kehra: cool D:
Trom Kehra: :D*
Trom Kehra: I can't type!
Theorangeslime: ooh
Theorangeslime: me, either
Theorangeslime: rart
Theorangeslime: ....seee?
HikaruAzudragon: no onw can XD..
Theorangeslime: ...
Trom Kehra: :P
Theorangeslime: I'm'a shut up now
Theorangeslime: XD
Trom Kehra: *Sends a face hugger at someone. Hits hughes instead.* crap...
Trom Kehra: XD
Theorangeslime: o.o
HikaruAzudragon: on no! the pictures!
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: *Hours later.*
Trom Kehra: yea... gory bloody.... poor havoc...
Trom Kehra: *hugs*
lanceluver012: Elysia: Daddy, what's that moving in your stomach?
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: evil!
Theorangeslime: Roy: *snap*
Trom Kehra: XDD
Trom Kehra: would you like to start now?
Trom Kehra: oh yes before I forget!
Trom Kehra: everyone say who you're going to play so everyone knows.
Theorangeslime: Roy!~
Trom Kehra: just so we're all on the same page.
Trom Kehra: *Aliens and annonymous people, like generals!*
lanceluver012: so that's miscellaneous military?
Trom Kehra: and people.
Trom Kehra: animethief92: I'm playing as Envy!
Edo Not Ebi: Ed!
Edo Not Ebi: ...duhr...
HikaruAzudragon: neh...= = *is spacing in and out* lol Greed
Edo Not Ebi: XD
Trom Kehra: :XD
Trom Kehra: XD*
lanceluver012: Havoc and an individua random soldier
HikaruAzudragon: ...who for some reason has Hikaru in the SN XD
Trom Kehra: oh my gosh.. I'm a retard XD
Theorangeslime: what?
HikaruAzudragon: nani?
Trom Kehra: brb for a moment
Theorangeslime: oh, hey. D'you think we should keep the fangirl japanese to a minimum?
lanceluver012: so we have Greed, Ed, Roy, Havoc, and Envy, and random soldiers and aliens?
Trom Kehra: Chantel lewis isn't on. XP
HikaruAzudragon: mmm aliens
Trom Kehra: Oh well..
Trom Kehra: yea keep the japanese to a minnimum
Trom Kehra: cause we're trying to keep it as realistic as possible XP.
Trom Kehra: Alphonse.
Trom Kehra: Riza
Theorangeslime: No unnecessary vowels. XD
HikaruAzudragon: ....but all I ever say is nani XD
Trom Kehra: :P
Theorangeslime: so no nani
Trom Kehra: Lance you're havoc
Theorangeslime: ^_^;;;
HikaruAzudragon: aww ): okies
Trom Kehra: nah
Trom Kehra: ... oh fine since we all know what it means anyway.
Theorangeslime: okee
Trom Kehra: niether lust nor sloth could come cause she's in Euripe.
Trom Kehra: Europe*
Trom Kehra: *Fails at life.*
Trom Kehra: *Snickers* Chexx why Black Hayate?
Trom Kehra: He's a dog XD/
Trom Kehra: .*
Trom Kehra: You are very amusing.
Theorangeslime: wuff
Theorangeslime: *pantpant*
Trom Kehra: XD
Edo Not Ebi: So I cant say "Yipee Roy gimme buttsekcs?"
Theorangeslime: .......
Trom Kehra: ....... no
Theorangeslime: Roy: Oh, yes, you can.
Trom Kehra: I'm sure Chex would love that.
Trom Kehra: but nop
Trom Kehra: no*
Edo Not Ebi: Awwww
Theorangeslime: ..... Roy: damn
lanceluver012: only if Ed gets drunk
Trom Kehra: yea XD
Trom Kehra: Keep it realistic man! XD
Theorangeslime: bah
Edo Not Ebi: *whipers to Roy* Got anything to drink?
Theorangeslime: realism is for sissies\
Theorangeslime: Roy: Hell yeah
Theorangeslime: *snifter*
HikaruAzudragon: oh yes this soooooo realistic oi lol
Trom Kehra: *Rofls.*
Theorangeslime: oh,that's HORRIBLE
HikaruAzudragon: *cue 21st century aliens in the 15th?* ....yea ok
Theorangeslime: time transport,yo
Theorangeslime: bwar
Trom Kehra: well here's the thing about the aliens.
Trom Kehra: I know a lot of people only know them from the movies.
Trom Kehra: Thus they are easily mistaken.
HikaruAzudragon: They came to join my gang and take over the world! bwahaha! *coughs*
Trom Kehra: Also for fma isn't in the 20th century?
lanceluver012: HR Giger was on drugs... that's all I hae to say
Trom Kehra: well for them?
Edo Not Ebi: Dont tell me we're getting attacked by Furbies.....
Edo Not Ebi: Ed would scream and run away like a sissy boy
Trom Kehra: no
Trom Kehra: *laughs* no.
Theorangeslime: Roy would be like... WTF? *flames*
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: oy
Theorangeslime: yes
Edo Not Ebi: Ed: *hiding behind Roy* Are they gone yet?
Trom Kehra: ok these gues!
Trom Kehra:
lanceluver012: for the record, here's what our boys will be dealing with
Trom Kehra: guys*
lanceluver012: XD
Trom Kehra: I like yours better XD
Edo Not Ebi: Ewwwww
lanceluver012: I googled Giger alien
Trom Kehra: Their tongue can talk XD
Edo Not Ebi: I dont want those living in my stomach...
Trom Kehra: Ah
Trom Kehra: :P
Trom Kehra:
Trom Kehra: That's the face hugger.
Theorangeslime: ...............
Theorangeslime: ew
Trom Kehra: but no they are very small when they are brithed.
Trom Kehra: birthed*
lanceluver012: chest burster:
Trom Kehra: Still yes as everyone knows their blood is made of acid.
Trom Kehra: Lovely little dudes aren't they XD?
Theorangeslime: ew
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: It can take from anywhere from hours to days to give brith
lanceluver012: here's a full pic:
Trom Kehra: what happens is, the face hugger has a tube (Thus the rape comment in the rules, they are rapping peoples faces.)
Theorangeslime: ew
Trom Kehra: into someone's mouth.
Trom Kehra: Then hour/days later
Trom Kehra: they give brith.
Trom Kehra: people die
lanceluver012: they deposit eggs, then a few days later they burst out the victim's chest/abdomen
Edo Not Ebi: Ewwww
HikaruAzudragon: .....yuck
Theorangeslime: ew
Trom Kehra: That looks like a messed up turky XD
Edo Not Ebi: *twitch*
Trom Kehra: yea like I said you need a really open mind for this.
lanceluver012: Havoc: I like my internal organs right where they are, kthnx
Edo Not Ebi: Ed: *does not approve of MPreg of any form....unless it's Roy's child....but he will not go there*
Trom Kehra: XD yea really.
Trom Kehra: XD
Edo Not Ebi: Ed: I have enough automail as it is, I dont want Winry to have to make me automail innards too.....
Trom Kehra: but like I said, lots of people will die.
lanceluver012: it's more a symboitic relationship than anything
Trom Kehra: some via face hugger/chest burster.
Trom Kehra: yea
Theorangeslime: Roy wants to voice that he wouldlike Ed to bear his children
lanceluver012: and these buggers have a penchant for skewering people with their pointy tails
Trom Kehra: It hurts like a bitch so make the character act like their chest is being broken open from the inside out because IT IS :DDD!
Edo Not Ebi: Ed: Al has an unfair advantage!
Edo Not Ebi: Ed: He's all metal!
HikaruAzudragon: ...oh sure if they can break down my sheild
lanceluver012: better shot of the tail
Trom Kehra: Well I think we're making him human XP
HikaruAzudragon: WHAT?! <<
Trom Kehra: I love the tail.
HikaruAzudragon: you're just want me to die again! *sniff*
Trom Kehra: ^^;;;;
Trom Kehra: no
Edo Not Ebi: Ed: *paws at Roy* Protect me?
Trom Kehra: Just imagine what it's going to be like for Envy.
Theorangeslime: Roy: *plays hero*
Trom Kehra: Envy: *Has triplet chest bursters.* O.O;;;;
Theorangeslime: ....
Theorangeslime: Roy: That's not right
Trom Kehra: Envy: *comes back to life.* THAT HURT YOU PIECES OF SHIRT!
Trom Kehra: shit*
Theorangeslime: shirt
Theorangeslime: XD
Trom Kehra: XD
Theorangeslime: I want a shirt alien
Edo Not Ebi: XD
lanceluver012: XDDDDDDDDDDD
HikaruAzudragon: XD
Edo Not Ebi: I want Roy's shirt....
Trom Kehra: XD
Edo Not Ebi: It's prettier than mine
Trom Kehra: anyway
Edo Not Ebi: All nice n white
HikaruAzudragon: oh god the crack insues
Theorangeslime: STORY
lanceluver012: good to know we're all cracked enough for this?
Trom Kehra: These guys have super sharp tails and many people would think them to be really dumb
Trom Kehra: thus the quote.
Trom Kehra: "How can they cut down the power, they're jsut animals!"
Trom Kehra: just*
lanceluver012: so shall we get started?
HikaruAzudragon: *still complaining and pouting* << but I don't wanna be human!
Trom Kehra: cause they're actually like a large bee hive but smarter than even the average person.
Trom Kehra: fine yo can be metal.
lanceluver012: but what sort of effect would the hatching have on Homunculus?
Theorangeslime: Roy: pfft cheater
Trom Kehra: XD
HikaruAzudragon: Homunculien?
Trom Kehra: oh gosh XD
Trom Kehra: that be horrid!
Trom Kehra: but true!
Trom Kehra: those things WOULDN'T DIE!
Theorangeslime: ew
lanceluver012: Alien able to shapeshift?
lanceluver012: that'd be bitchin
HikaruAzudragon: O_o
Trom Kehra: Envy: I'm a daddy :D!
HikaruAzudragon: XD
lanceluver012: XD
Theorangeslime: ow
Theorangeslime: my soul
Trom Kehra: Envy: *Alien babies kill 'daddy'*
Trom Kehra: Envy: *Comes back. Tries to kill, they come back.* Fuck....
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: Greed wouldn't have a problem.
Theorangeslime: oh,shit
lanceluver012: Havoc: *hides behind Greed*
Theorangeslime: shield ailen
HikaruAzudragon: no...I'd probably join their forces...
Trom Kehra: no they don't want you to.
Trom Kehra: that's the thing about them
Trom Kehra: They like being their own little coloney.
lanceluver012: they kill everything
Theorangeslime: bah
Theorangeslime: stupid aline
lanceluver012: so, Trom, the setup?
Theorangeslime: *Roy gets turned into a predator* mwahahahaha
HikaruAzudragon: hehe I'll still try. They're neat little buggers. Perfect addition to the gang
Trom Kehra: they have conquered space travel
lanceluver012: it'd be very IC for Greed to try, Hikaru
Trom Kehra: Yes yea!
Trom Kehra: yes yes*
Theorangeslime: Al would probably carry one home in his chest
Trom Kehra: Al: *Holds in front of Ed* Can I keep it :D?!
Trom Kehra: No wait till they meet the queen!
Trom Kehra: the queen is like 20 feet tall.
HikaruAzudragon: O_o
Theorangeslime: I like the queen
Theorangeslime: it's creepy
Theorangeslime: :D
Theorangeslime: she
HikaruAzudragon: ooh she's definitely joining! Massive army production!!
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: Queen is probably the smartest of all.
Trom Kehra: So basically it's not nice to fuck with her.
Trom Kehra: She'll kill you :D!
Trom Kehra: Though I could so see something like this happening!
lanceluver012: those are eggs below her
Trom Kehra: Alienqueen: ..... *Raors.*
Trom Kehra: Ed: *moves away a little.* Maybe... not.. ^^;;;..
HikaruAzudragon: XD
HikaruAzudragon: ...*steals one of the queen's eggies*
Trom Kehra: *Queen kills joo.*
Trom Kehra: no actually she wouldn't
Edo Not Ebi: *tranmutes eggs into omeletes*
Trom Kehra: ........... ew
lanceluver012: XD
Trom Kehra: ew
Trom Kehra: ew!
Trom Kehra: no!
HikaruAzudragon: meat!
Trom Kehra: that would be one crappy omelete!
Trom Kehra: XD
lanceluver012: Havoc: *giets flamethrower*
Trom Kehra: YES!
Edo Not Ebi: What? Free breakfast for the whole army!
Trom Kehra: your number one friend WILL be Roy.
Edo Not Ebi: It's just a giant bigheaded chicken......
HikaruAzudragon:'d make them sick XD
Trom Kehra: because their number one weakness is FIRE!
Edo Not Ebi: *clings to Roy* Protect me double!
lanceluver012: yes, I have every intention of having Havoc find a flamethrower
Trom Kehra: ....
Trom Kehra: XD
Trom Kehra: Ok now shall we start?
Trom Kehra: Everyone ready?
Trom Kehra: <.<
Trom Kehra: >.>
Trom Kehra: *Pokes, ish hyper.*
Edo Not Ebi: *sits*
HikaruAzudragon: *is playing "crush the eggs"*
Trom Kehra: ........... XD
Trom Kehra: Anyway!
lanceluver012: so, everyone chil a while so Trom can explain the base sotry
Trom Kehra: (action!)
Trom Kehra: (Thief just brought up something really important!)
Trom Kehra: (animethief92: (Just curious is this based on anime or manga of FMA?)trom_kehra: um a little bit of both.animethief92: If it's manga then...)
Trom Kehra: (trom_kehra: I like the manga's ideas more, but taking the characters from the anime because everyone in there is somehow active)
Trom Kehra: (animethief92: Envy: I can turn into something just as big as the queen! *changes into true form* (Is this late?)trom_kehra: ... that's awsome! XD!)
lanceluver012: (mostly anime, tell her, except for the Father thing for the homunculus)
Trom Kehra: (animethief92: XD Thanks!)
Trom Kehra: (kk)(
Trom Kehra: )*
Trom Kehra: (done!)
Trom Kehra: (animethief92: Yeah, die Dante.... Can Envy throw her to the queen for food? trom_kehra: .. XEDtrom_kehra: XD*trom_kehra: sure!)
Trom Kehra: Anyway!
Trom Kehra: ()*
HikaruAzudragon: (ooh that'll be something. Envy's true form vs. the Queen lol Send her to the gatebabies and let the adoption begin!)
Trom Kehra: *Around the city of Armestris, is quiet, the sun is slowly setting the street lights are turning on. Soldiers and shop workers alike make their way home as their day ends.*
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (Queen: *Roars as they take her apart.*)
Trom Kehra: (*New humonculi is made!*)
HikaruAzudragon: (OMG XD It's...QUEEMUNCULUS!!)
Trom Kehra: *Those that are walking home can see the sky is clear, and just warm enough to not need a coat.*
HikaruAzudragon: (*shuts up now*)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: *Winter has ended and mid spring has already begun. Men and women chatter on their way homes talking about their daily lives. Though many stop in amazment seeing a comit rush through the sky.*
lanceluver012: (Trom, I'm about to make your life easier, I'm getting Yahoo! right now)
Trom Kehra: (cool :D!)
Trom Kehra: (I love you in the faice!)
Trom Kehra: (My sn is trom_kehra)
Theorangeslime: (I'll add you later when I can get on. XD)
Trom Kehra: (Don't be affraid to jump in XP.)
lanceluver012: (kay)
Trom Kehra: *The sky flashes a bright green as it seems the comit has left the night skys.*
Theorangeslime: Roy was unimpressed, not even passing a glance as he headed back to his house to get some well-needed rest. Hawkeye had been relentless with paperwork and his writing hand was hating him for it.
Trom Kehra: *Every person that had seen it, seemed to emediatly start to buzz about the news about the comit.*
Trom Kehra: *Well not every person.*
Theorangeslime: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (*Snickers.*)
lanceluver012: Havoc, upon hearing word of it, used it for the perfect opportunity to collect some of his coworkers together for a comet party on the roof of central HQ. He had even gotten a girl to come along
Trom Kehra: (Would you like me to play said girl X3?)
Theorangeslime: (miracle)(
Trom Kehra: (:o!_
Trom Kehra: )*
lanceluver012: animethief92: Envy rolled his eyes as he listened to the people bustling about and gossiping about the unusual sighting. "Damn humans are amazed by every little thing they see..."
HikaruAzudragon: Greed was sitting on the rooftop of his bar, when the comet came. It didn't to really bother him much...except it was glowing green. Not many comets glowed green nor were as big. He watched while Bido screamed his ass off.
Theorangeslime: When the comet flashed green was when Roy looked up, now intrigued. However, he did not stop to chatter about it, just kept on his way home.
lanceluver012: Havoc was very drunk, and had turned his attention to the girl he was with, Michelle, rather than the comet. "Does anyone else think it's weird that it's green?" Fury asked.
lanceluver012: "Who the hell cares what color it is?" If it's an excuse to party, I'm all for it
lanceluver012: (is Ed gonna be hanging out with the military folk?)
Trom Kehra: (That's up to Edo.)
lanceluver012: (Edoooo *prods*)
HikaruAzudragon: (...I think Ed was already attacked)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Edo Not Ebi: *Ed is hiding*
Edo Not Ebi: *in a closet*
Edo Not Ebi: *with a broom*
HikaruAzudragon: (O_o wtf XD)
Theorangeslime: (Roy: Come out of the closet, Ed.)
Edo Not Ebi: (Ed: Didnt I already? )
Theorangeslime: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
HikaruAzudragon: (Greed must brb for a bit)
Theorangeslime: (I was gonna say "Ed: no! It's warm in here!")
Trom Kehra: (KK greed :D)
Trom Kehra: *The young woman smiles at Havoc and watches the sky to see if there are going to be any more comets.*
lanceluver012: (so, you with the military folk, Edo?)
Trom Kehra: (No one minds if I skip ahead a little do they?)
lanceluver012: (I'm good)
Trom Kehra: *After everyone had fallen asleep through the nights. Creatures of shadow slowly camofloged their ship, hurring a larger beast to what seemed to be a weakend point of the sewers.*
Trom Kehra: *Many carrying food and supplies with them, others keeping close watch on the queen who seemed to hiss at them for their over protection.*
Trom Kehra: *Many more carried what looked to be three foot tall Eggs with them.*
Trom Kehra: (Two feet XP)
Trom Kehra: *A traveling man gasped at what he saw. He didn't want to stop for the night for some reason and suddenly regreted it.* Wha.....
Trom Kehra: *Three of the monsters stopped their movements towards teh sewers. One stayed as the other two went to hunt down the man.*
Trom Kehra: *Screams could be heard, shredding of flesh and breaking of bones could be heard over the hill. The creature continued on its work, moving eggs into th sewers.*
HikaruAzudragon: (And that's why he's at the bottom of the food chain kids.)
Theorangeslime: (XD yeah. Lions, beware)
lanceluver012: (Aliens top everyone)
Theorangeslime: (*snickers at wrongness*)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: *The morning sun slowly rose once more, as nothing of the man was left, but blood stained grass and very thick very gooey saliva.*
Trom Kehra: *Another morning had come, people were up, sending their children to school. Opening their shops, getting back to the military hq to restart another day.*
Theorangeslime: Roy was devouring his third cup of coffee, obviously not a morning person. Then, he heard the phone ring.
Theorangeslime: He sighed and picked it up.
Theorangeslime: "Yes? ... what? What the? You're sure? .... I'll be there shortly." Now he was totally awake.
lanceluver012: (is Envy's part standing or no?)
Theorangeslime: He pulled on his boots, threw on his coat and headed out.
Trom Kehra: (Mew what do you mean?)
Trom Kehra: (Like did he see what had happened?)
Trom Kehra: (He could have :P That's up to her.)
lanceluver012: Havoc woke up with a horrible hangover, and sat up on the edge of his bed. He looked over and grinned, seeing the girl from last night next to him.
lanceluver012: (lanceluver012: did you mean to move on from that and have Envy find out about the aliens?animethief92: Yeah, that'll work. Sorry... )
Theorangeslime: (woo! Go HAVOC *waves flag*)
Trom Kehra: (YAY HAVOC GOT LAID!!!)
Trom Kehra: (*throws a party for havoc.*)
lanceluver012: (Havoc: eat your heart out, Colonel)
Theorangeslime: (Roy: pfft. I have ed. :D)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Theorangeslime: (Roy: And he has a very nice ass.)
Trom Kehra: (Continuing on!)
lanceluver012: (feel free to have the phone ring and make Havoc's head hurt more, Colonel XD)
Theorangeslime: (>D)
Trom Kehra: (>D!)
Theorangeslime: Roy stopped halfway out the door, considered something, then turned around and dialed Havoc
Theorangeslime: (har)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
lanceluver012: The phone ringing made him flinch, and Michelle woke up. He snatched up the phone to silence the racket. "'Lo?"
Theorangeslime: "Havoc, I need you to come in as soon as possible. Meaning now."
lanceluver012: "It's not even 800 yet..." he yawned.
Trom Kehra: *The young woman moaned lightly hugging her pillow tighter.*
Theorangeslime: "Too bad. Whatever that meteor I have no doubt that you saw was... is causing a bit of trouble."
Trom Kehra: (It's the END of the WORLD as we know it!_
Trom Kehra: )*
lanceluver012: "Little quieter, please, sir..."
Theorangeslime: (damn. those are sweet aliens,you might say)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (Round? OK!)
Theorangeslime: (rawng)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (Moving on!)
lanceluver012: (alright, that's enoguh you two *brandishin paper bapping fan*)
Theorangeslime: "Leiutenant, I expect to see you at the office in 15 minutes."
Trom Kehra: (Owie T-T)
Theorangeslime: (hahha. weak mortal)
Trom Kehra: *The Michelle smiled, sighing happily.* Mmmm....
lanceluver012: "Yessir..." he reluctantly hung up the phone, and turned to Michelle. "I gotta go into work. See you again sometime?"
Trom Kehra: *Her eyes slowly open.* Wha.... *She looks to Havoc remembering the night before, she smiles, getting up slowly and stretching. She nods.* Alright...
Trom Kehra: How about when you get off work? *She smiled.*
Theorangeslime: Roy called a couple more officers, noting the fact that Hawkeye didn't answer. She was probably already there.
lanceluver012: He grinned. He started dressing quickly. "7-ish? I'll call if something happens."
Trom Kehra: *She nods.* I'll be here.... I have no where else to go today.
Trom Kehra: (Havoc: Oh happy DAY!)
HikaruAzudragon: (*will have stolen her by then*)
lanceluver012: "Alright," he smiled, kissed her goodbye, and rushed out the door. After a quick stop for some coffee, he son puled up in front of headquarters, tossing his car ckeys to a seargent at the gate.
Trom Kehra: (XD)
lanceluver012: He dashed up the stairs to the office. He spotted everyone else already there, looking just as tired and some just a shungover as he was. Except for the Colonel. "I'm here, sir!"
Theorangeslime: "Good, good."
Trom Kehra: *Young woman goes back to sleep for a little longer.*
lanceluver012: (Ed should be there too, I think)
Trom Kehra: (Yea.)
Theorangeslime: "Now, from what I've heard from the intelligence department, that comet, which everyone doubtlessly saw, was carrying... life."
lanceluver012: Havoc stared. "Eh? Life?" He started lighting his first cigarette of the day.
Theorangeslime: "Aliens, if you prefer. Evidence was found."
HikaruAzudragon: (*sneaks into Havoc's house and gets it on with the chick*)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
lanceluver012: He paused, in the middle of flicking the flint of his lighter. "Aliens?"
Trom Kehra: (Sheska: YES! FINALLY!)
Theorangeslime: "Must I keep repeating myself?"
Theorangeslime: (XDDDD)
lanceluver012: (Havoc: *girl being stolen sense tingling*)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
lanceluver012: "Sorry sir," he finished lighting it and repocket the lighter and the cigarette pack.
Theorangeslime: (Who's Hughes?)
Trom Kehra: (No one is T-T)
HikaruAzudragon: (HUGHES!! T.T)
Theorangeslime: (sad. That means I can't have him explain it. XD)
lanceluver012: (For the record, unclaimed characters are community property, whoever needs them plays them)
lanceluver012: (right?)
Trom Kehra: (Yes)
Trom Kehra: (Shall I play him :D?)
lanceluver012: (sure)
Theorangeslime: (if you want. )
Trom Kehra: (:P)
Trom Kehra: *Hughes walked in and smiled at Havoc.* Yes Extra tarestrials.
Trom Kehra: *His hands in his pockets.*
Theorangeslime: "If you would, Hughes, brief them."
Trom Kehra: *He nods.* certainly.
lanceluver012: Havoc simply stared, waiting to hear what exactly was going on. Though the light and the noise made him flinch a bit.
Trom Kehra: *He looks at the soldeirs.* At approxiamtely 0200 hours, the remains of a man had been found.
Trom Kehra: As well as a substance that we still are unsure of.
Trom Kehra: From the tracks there only to be two of them and they do not seem friendly at all.
Trom Kehra: Thus we must go restrain, kill if need be, and bring them in for observation.
lanceluver012: "How much did you find of him?" Havoc asked, not really wanting to know the answer,
Trom Kehra: The remains had been found by a farmer outside of centeral about 0500 hours.
HikaruAzudragon: (damn I just came up with something. The queen could take the Homunculus as prisoners cause they don't die and they can constantly reproduce the aliens O_o)
lanceluver012: (that's a good idea... I'd sent it over to Envy, but she's gone)
Theorangeslime: (That's so creepy. BUT AWESOME)
Trom Kehra: *Hughes' face seemed so dead serious it could probably send chills down armstrongs spine.* Blood strained grass, muscle, bone and fabric..... this man was torn apart limb by limb.
Trom Kehra: more than likely eaten as well....
lanceluver012: "Euuuccchh...." Havoc's lip curled at the thought. "We're supposed to capture these things?"
Theorangeslime: "If they are unfriendly, killing is top priority, so as to minimalize damage.
Theorangeslime: The killing of unrelated civilians presents a killer that does not specify targets. And the severity..." Roy paused. "Eaten... We are dealing with animals?"
Trom Kehra: (This is true... the queen would get frustrated after a while though XD.)
Trom Kehra: *hughes shrugged holding up what was left of what looked like an Ulna.* See this? *He points to how jaggedly it had been broken.* These are actually very large bight marks... almost as though something like a dog bite right...
Trom Kehra: through his bone.
Theorangeslime: "
lanceluver012: Havoc took a step back. "Nyaugh....."
Theorangeslime: "Has anything else been found that may lead us to these... ah, things?"
lanceluver012: (brb bathroom break)
Trom Kehra: (kk)
HikaruAzudragon: (*belches* oops 'cuse me)
Trom Kehra: *Hughes, sighed.* Only the muck that was found.
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (oy)
Theorangeslime: "Notification of what it is as soon as possible,if you please."
lanceluver012: (back)
Trom Kehra: *He nods.* For all we know it could be a Chimera.... still.... by the looks of the area that I had seen.... the foot impression on the ground was...
Trom Kehra: (cool :D)
Trom Kehra: *He points his hand to about the length of a foot and a half.* Yay long.
Trom Kehra: With the impression, I'd say they're extremely heavy....
lanceluver012: Havoc thought to himself. 'I'm gonna call my mom before we head out on this one...'
Trom Kehra: about six feet ta-
Trom Kehra: *He looks to Havoc and snickers.* Giving your last goodbyes already?
Theorangeslime: (Where's Ed?)
lanceluver012: (I prodded her but nothing doing)
Trom Kehra: (Im her and see.)
lanceluver012: (and that was in Havoc's head, Trom)
Trom Kehra: (oh scratch that then XP.)
Trom Kehra: About six feet tall....
Trom Kehra: Though the foot impression was VERY unusual...
Trom Kehra: Like that of a giant bird...
Trom Kehra: still... *He looks at the bone.* These markings were done with teeth... not a beak.
Trom Kehra: *he sighs.* that's all we can really give you...
Trom Kehra: animals really... we wont know until we know.
Theorangeslime: "So... in essence, we are now dealing with an animal-like something that is very large,very ravenous... and that we have no idea how to kill."
Trom Kehra: Basically *Hughes smiled.*
Trom Kehra: *He pats Roy on the shoulder.* Bring your gloves with you... and make sure your men hard heavily armed.
lanceluver012: "All due respect, Major Hughes, but, sounds like a winning strategy." Havoc said.
Trom Kehra: We don't need any accidents.
Trom Kehra: (Hughes:*)
Theorangeslime: (XD)
lanceluver012: (okie)
Trom Kehra: *Hughes sighed.* I really would suggest making sure you're heavily armed and have plenty of men with you.
Trom Kehra: Nothing wrong with over powering the strong with numbers.
Trom Kehra: *He sighs and starts heading out.* I have to get back to work. *He points to Roy's desk.* there's the directions to how to get there.*
Theorangeslime: Roy nodded.
Edo Not Ebi: *Ed comes in* Alright who put the rubber spider in my locker?
HikaruAzudragon: (*falls over*)
Theorangeslime: Roy smirked.'
lanceluver012: "Hey, Boss."
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (AWSOME!)
Edo Not Ebi: *flings it at Roy's head*
HikaruAzudragon: (well he did just pop out of nowhere! lol(
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Theorangeslime: Roy snapped, burning the thing before it had a chance to bounce off his head. It ended up in the middle of his desk.
Theorangeslime: As ashes.
Trom Kehra: *Hughes smiles and waves.* You can tell Ed about what's going on....
lanceluver012: "You're just in time for the creature hunting." Havoc patted Ed on the shoulder.
Trom Kehra: *He left them to work things out amonst themselves.*
Theorangeslime: "Fullmetal,we have giant things
Edo Not Ebi: "Aww Colonel, is that how you treat all of your exlovers?" *motions hand towards pile of ashes on the desk*
Edo Not Ebi: "Wait, what?"
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (Roy: And you have a small thing.)
Theorangeslime: Fullmetal, we have giant animal like things that we need to kill. We have no idea how.
Trom Kehra: (Ed: *Beats Roy to a pulp.*)
Theorangeslime: (I pressed enter at the wrong time.)
Trom Kehra: (I know :P)
Theorangeslime: (XD)
Edo Not Ebi: "Um, torch them?"
Theorangeslime: "Well, yes. Firepower is what we need. You will be accompanying us on this venture.
Edo Not Ebi: "Why? Do they have the Philosophers Stone? Don't tell me I have to fight that Harry Potter kid again."
HikaruAzudragon: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (............. T-T)
lanceluver012: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (Oy.)
lanceluver012: (Funny, but IC, please, luv)
Theorangeslime: (yesh)
Edo Not Ebi: (( Alright bad jokes T_T ))
Trom Kehra: (Thanks ^_^)
Edo Not Ebi: (( Ed can be a serious mofo ^_^ ))
Edo Not Ebi: *crosses arms* "Well?"
Trom Kehra: (*Feels like Al Hei, with all the coughing she's doing.*)
lanceluver012: "So when do we head out?"
Theorangeslime: "As soon as possible
Trom Kehra: (Shall we skip over?)
Theorangeslime: Roy reached into his desk to grab his glove, motioning for everyone to get their stuff and meet in 15 minutes.
Trom Kehra: (Well lets have them at least move to get there XP.
Theorangeslime: (yes)
Trom Kehra: )*
HikaruAzudragon: (aww I was going to have Bido die XP)
lanceluver012: "Gimme a minute at the armory, and I'm right behind you."
Theorangeslime: (who is bido?)
lanceluver012: (lizard man, one of Greed's buddies)
Theorangeslime: (oh.)
Edo Not Ebi: *holds up a wee little match* "All I got"
HikaruAzudragon: (Yea he, found one of those eggs and..yea XD)
Trom Kehra: (Oh he'll die.)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Trom Kehra: (This is just them scratching the surface XD.)
Theorangeslime: "Fullmetal, join Havoc and load up with guns and ammo,if youplease."
lanceluver012: "Come on, Boss. I'll get you something that you can work with." Havoc started out of the room.
HikaruAzudragon: (*yawns* well I'm outty)
Edo Not Ebi: *follows Havoc*
Theorangeslime: (ED WITH GUN. *dies of squee*)
lanceluver012: (seeya)
HikaruAzudragon: (night!)
Edo Not Ebi: (( Lata ))
Trom Kehra: *In the outskirts of two, the men ended up on the side of a hill, showing the blood stained grass. The blood seemed to have at least a 5 1/2 foot radious of blood. Though still glisened for some reason.*
Trom Kehra: (nighty night T-T)
HikaruAzudragon: (aww don't worry, I'll send you more crack tomorrow? lol)
Trom Kehra: (Cool X3!)
Edo Not Ebi: (( Mmmyeah.I would RP norml way, but Im incoheent today....I forgot how to spell orange for like 5 minutes.... ))
HikaruAzudragon: ('s already tomorrow XD night!)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
HikaruAzudragon has left the room.
lanceluver012: Havoc led the way down to the armory. "So how much kick do you think you can take?" He asked as he opened the door.
Theorangeslime: (AK 47. XD)
Trom Kehra: (XD)
Edo Not Ebi: "What's that supposed to mean?" *shifty eyes*
lanceluver012: "Some of these try to jump out of your hands when you fire them. It takes experience and uppr body strength to handle them right."
Edo Not Ebi: "I can take it...." *nods* "Hand over yer strongest."
Theorangeslime: (bazooka)
lanceluver012: He moved around, searching through the racks, selecting a pistol and rifle for himself, and then a similar sort of pistol for Ed. "How's this?"
lanceluver012: (well, I'm out for the night. You got the transcript, Trom?
Trom Kehra: (yup)
lanceluver012: (kay)
lanceluver012: (g'night)
Theorangeslime: (byebye
Theorangeslime: )
Trom Kehra: (Nighty night.)
Theorangeslime: ( what?)
Edo Not Ebi: "Awesome." *takes it*
Edo Not Ebi: ((Nai~ ))
Theorangeslime: (Are we done for now?)
Trom Kehra: (That's it for tonight then :P. We'll continue on the comm.)
Theorangeslime: okee
Trom Kehra: (We need to give Riza a chance to respond and stuffs.)
Theorangeslime: yeah
Edo Not Ebi: *nod*
Trom Kehra: *copies and posts.*
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