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Two of what seemed to be only workers of the hive, look around carefully. Trying to be safe since they are only going to get food from their ship. One ran to the ship while the other moved carefully to the hill. They knew about the humans investigating their first little kill. It was amusing how they seemed to sworm around just one little body. Still if there was only one person there, then they could start with the process. The Alien headed for the ship looks around getting some of the last of the materials needed. They would still need to come back for food and various other materials. Still these needed to go first.

Alien number two, snarled slightly watching as a man in blue looked at the patch of dried blood in the grass. Their second victim seemed to be in sights. The first Alien ran up to his partner and hissed, almost warning him not to do it. It motioned it's head towards the others not too far away. They both turned and ran back to the opening to the sewers.


Hughes walks up to the young man still investigating the seen. "Don't worry about it so much man. We've done all we can with what we have. Our forces will take care of what ever attacked this man." Hughes looked simpathetic as he spoke. It seemed like a terribly wrong way to go. Hughes scratched the back of his head and sighed. "come on we can't be in the teams way, lets go." The young man nodded walking with Hughes to the camps set up.
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