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Hello and Welcome EVERYONE That has come to join the RP :D! To get started, please choose one character, give a name in which you would like the be called by, your AIM screen name, and lastly the character you wish to be.

Trom Kehra
The alien collective. (I kind of need to be since I'm the GM XP!)

Lets be fair and have lots of fun. I will give everyone one month to pick the characters in which they wish to be. If necesarry players may be more than one character. Though please do not over flow yourself with too many characters.

Also please try and find at least one icon that shows which character you have chosen. I will later change mine so that no one gets confused.

In case anyone needs to reach me online, I have all three different kinds of messangers.
AIM: Trom Kehra
Yahoo: trom_kehra

So I wont be out of reach :D! Though I'm usually on AIM.
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