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Alright everyone! :D! There have been some slight changes with character choosing. As I'm sure many of you have noticed that some people are taking two characters at a time. I don't mind, in fact I encourage people to take two. If you can handle three then go for it. Eight players is enough to start a roll play. also, as I've found out it can also be too many sometimes XP. Still I'm very greatful to everyone for joining the group. Our first meeting will be on tuesday Dec 6th. I'll go over some other things with you guys before we move one to rp.

Things I'll go over:
How the Mod system works.
reminder of does and don'ts.
The rp system, so no one is confused.
Everyone giving a list of who they are playing so no one is confused.
What will happen after every chat session.
Finally everyone greeting everyone and getting friendly with one another, if some haven't done so already.

I know the wait was long. Still I wanted to wait till we got a little closer to christmass break. Well close to break for college students. I don't know how many in the rp are currently in college or out of college or just out of highshool. Anyway the point is, is that since the christmas break will be longer for some people that'll give everyone a chance to get used to the swing of things, and how the system will work with the rp. Instead of trying to work a way to do it while still trying to get used to college or what ever one might be doing at the time.

Also I do not want ANYONE to feel that it would be too rude to stop at any point in the RP. I understand and I'm sure the other players will understand if you need to go and do something. We understand that you have a life :P. Still don't feel like you can't stop the rp because you think it'd be rude, or that it's at such an exciting point you don't want to stop it now.

If you don't mind us continuing with out you, then just give reasons for why your characters can't play at the moment. Such as, one ran away, one of them is unconscious, etc.

Remember we meet on aim, and I will also talk to those that only have yahoo, we will get the matter taken care of so dun worry. I know there are lots of people here that have Yahoo it'll work out :D! Just remember this Tuesday, Dec 6th, at 8 p.m. eastern cost time. (Lives in Virginia.) If the time doesn't work out for you let me know, via post or aim. I'm on aim more than I am on my other names.
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