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The chat!

Hey! I'm Christine, co-mod and all that. The chat will begin at 9:30 EST, 8:30 CST in the AIM chat "FMAliens"

We mods will be using colored backgrounds on our text, and we ask that if you have yours set to use them, that you turn it off while in the chat.

If anyone has any problems, IM me at lanceluver012 or trom at Trom Kehra and we'll send you an invite. To get in on your own, click your own name on your buddy list, hit Chat, replace Chat 96984932 or whatever with FMAliens and you're in!

I'll be opening it up before I leave to pick up my brother from his last class around 8 CST, so you're welcome to arrive early and get to know each other before we get down to business.

Hope to see everyone there!

ETA: I have started using AIM Triton, the new program, so if anyone needs help with that, definately come to me. I've been poking around at it for a little while, and I know my way around reasonably well.
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