"How can they shut down the power? They're only animals!" ~Aliens

Full Metal alchemist vs. Aliens RP
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This is going to be a rather unusual Role Play community because it's a very unusual cross over. This is a role play that many will need to keep a VERY open mind about. The possibility of this happening to Amestris is very, VERY unlikely. Also, you will be warned a head of time that yes, FMA characters WILL DIE! Well, some of them. It always happens to the best of us *sighs*.

Basic Info

This Comm will be both an online chat role play and a posted role play for two reasons. One, not everyone has online chatting ability, such as AIM, which is where most of the online roleplaying will take place. Two, someone from the chat session will post what happened during the online chat role play. Most of the time it will be a mod. If there is no mod then one person will agree from the beginning of the chat that they will post it up.

Now, finally,what you're been waiting for: what is going on?! Well! As you've guessed from the title, it's characters from Full Metal Alchemist fight for their lives against Aliens! You know like Alien, Aliens, Aliens 3, Aliens four reserection, and Aliens vs Preditor. Yea those nasty ugly goodbery guys that have a tongue that has a mouth and like to eat brains.

This Role play will be played a lot like live role play sessions such as how you have a game master and you are the Playing Characters. I Trom Kehra will be control every and ALL aliens so you the players my get a feel of how the characters you are playing as, fullmetal group, of how they may react, because you aren't prepared for it! The first reaction is the best reaction as they say.


1. No wank please, there's no need for it, if you disagree with someone take it online and into an IM, doing it in the comm or the chat will not be permitted and you will be promptly kicked out. Your character will be replaced, and if you do attempt to come back to the chat you will be there for one reason and one reason only, to watch. Do not tell other players how to play the character that they have taken responsibility for. If you have been banned from the comm, or booted from the comm, and you come back to the chat to wank, every single person in the chat will ignore you and you'll only be wasting your time. If you have been revoked of your character status but wish to watch then let everyone in the chat know.

2. Please keep characters in character, unless the character gets into a situation where they have every right to be uncharacteristic, please just try to keep them in character. Ed may be a teenage boy, but he's also a very thick headed teen age boy, thus makes it a little harder for him to fall in love. In general just do what you can, you will not be penalized for an accident, or are in a situation where it can't be helped. Still if you're making them uncharacterist on purpose then you will get a warning, after that you will get a talk from a mod or from me. If you do it for a third time your character will be revoked from you and open for others to take.

Also one last thing about this rule, please try to be realistic here. IF someone dies, they die, don't give Ed super strength that he doesn't have. Don't make Roy invincible because he has his gloves. Believe me he doesn't have eyes in the back of his head xD. I know they're the heros and more than likely they'll get their butts saved more than once for this reason. It's all a matter of thinking realistically and tactfully. If you can't think of what your character can do in the situation, then that means that your character too has run out of ideas and doesn't know what to do. Thus it will be more than likely that they will be attacked and sadly, possibly die. Just don't turn the RP into some DBZ I have the ability to get stronger, now I am, now joo are ded foo! Kind of thing. XP.

3. This will be a very violent and marture rated RP, if you can not stand the thought, or reading about people being: Stabbed, wounded, raped, chest explosion, gore, mature verbal content, mind fuckery, violence in general, blood, masacism (Being a masochist you find pleasure in hurting yourself.), sadism (Like being sadistic, you find pleasure in hurting others.), cutters, impure thoughts, sexual refrances, sexual acts, nudity, brief nudity, or adult commentary, then this rp IS NOT FOR YOU! I ask that you please leave and do not get up set on your way out. Yes this Role play will be very very mature as a rating I'd give it a NC-17 just in case, because there will be swearing, there will be death... it's up to you to bring up the others xD!

4. The only lurkers I wanna know about are those that have been revoked of their character status. I do not want characters that should be playing their character to be lurking half the role play. If you do so, you will get one warning, and then you will be revoked of your character. The time limit is one week. This will be a very active role play and will more than likely end up being going on several times a week. The role play will occur any day the player would like. Generally speaking, in the evenings, when one of us mods isn't available, the other is.

If you feel that you can't keep up with the Role Play that is prefectly fine. This is of course always just for fun. No one would want to force you into anything that you don't want to do. If you can't do it because of school or just because you don't have time in your busy life don't worry about it, just leave a post up saying that you can't role play for your own reasons and then the character that you had responsibility over will be up for grabs once more.

5. People can come back later and start rping again. Though there will be one thing that you must understand, once you have let a character go, it is no longer yours. You will need to look for other characters to play as and try playing with them. For those that have been punished by losing their character, you may not ask for another character for two weeks. After that if someone has taken the character that you once had you must look for a different character to play as.

6. Out of character talk will be done both in the chat and on the comm. Though it should be known, to show that you're talking and not your character use ( ) in the chat that is. In the comm, the first posts will be about information and who you are. Though later on put in the subject that you are talking out of character.

7. Please have fun, this is not a comm to take too terribly serious. There will be serious moments in the RP but this is to be fun for everyone. Though if you do lose a character do not worry you can get another one :D. Like I said characters will die, but if you feel that you don't want another character after your character has expired then just say so and you can just watch to see how the rest of the rp pans out.

8. MOST IMPORTANT RULE! When the Role play starts, those that are just watching, please, please please do not speak, do not talk about the weather. Those that are roleplaying need to concentrate on what's going on, and having people around them talking does not help. if you do talk during the rp and it is at an inappropriate time, you will get a warning, if you do it again you will be ignored, and if you need to tell a mod something IM them. If you talk at inapropriate times just to do it, then you will be ignored by everyone in the room and given a warning about losing your character. There are two ways that you'll get a warning here are the examples.

Ed: sighes as he concentrates about what they should do next.

Roy: growls in frustration of the matter, "How could this have happened?"

(Roy: How can you be pregnant Ed?!)

This is an example of someone just making a joke about a serious situation. That's one thing that I will allow. Everyone needs a tenseion breaker every now and then.

Ed: sighes as he concentrates about what they should do next.

Roy: growls in frustration of the matter, "How could this have happened?"


This will get you ignored... by everyone, for about two weeks. Don't do it, don't try it, everone hates it.

Characters taken and available:

Soldier 1-1000 (If there isn't an available character you'll have to be one of these guys/girls)
Soldier #1: skyler_daemon AIM: Hos no Al
Soldier #2: purplemewit AIM: lanceluver012
Edward Elric kyatto AIM: Edo Not Ebi
Alphonse Elric chantal_lewis AIM: HeiderichIsLove
Hoho-papa (We'll just pretend he's the 'father' since the father looks so much like him XP.)
Roy Mustang dragonalchemist AIM: theorangeslime MSN: dragon.alchemist@gmail.com
Riza Hawkeye kelles AIM: SerasKelia Yahoo: seras_kelia
Jean Havoc purplemewit AIM: lanceluver012
Kain Fuery
Alex Louis Armstrong (Can't believe I actually forgot this guy O.o;.)
Maes Hughes tromkehra Aim: trom kehra Yahoo: trom_kehra Msn: sephieslover@hotmail.com (Only temporary until someone else wants him.)
Gracia Hughes
Elycia Hughes
Winry Rockbell
Pinako Rockbell
Envy animethief92 Yahoo: animethief92
Lust yaminokurisu AIM: HaganeNoChris MSN: GKaizer@gmail.com
Greed azuraveedragon AIM: HikaruAzudragon MSN: yugiaveedragon@hotmail.com
Wrath (Frome the anime to make it interesting. Need all characters to be active characters.)
Pride (From the anime.)
Sloth (From the anime.) yaminokurisu AIM: HaganeNoChris
Black Hayate (I dunno why he's in here but he is XD!) dragonalchemist AIM: theorangeslime MSN: dragon.alchemist@gmail.com

(I'd hope we wouldn't need more than these people.)

Have fun and lets play a fair game! If there are any problems, you can contact purplemewit on AIM (lanceluver012 ... if you don't see me, try anyway, I'm invisible half the time) e-mail at purplevix at gmail dot com (I check it constantly, you're almost guaranteed a same or next day response), or tromkehra on AIM at Trom Kehra or e-mail at sephieslover at hotmail dot com

Image on the comm back ground was made by: http://boss.xtr.jp/tango/ . Image may be replaced later.

Also big thanks to Chex for helping with the comm and background and stuffs :D!